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Preston Farms



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Hatchling's Chicken Ranch

Salvation Army

Harps Foods

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Hatchling's Chicken Ranch

Pepsi Company


Conway Cowboy Church


Hog Wild Events

Cypress Valley Processing

Royal Oak Charcoal

Culligan Water

Sams Club 

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A World Turned Black


Southern Creed

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Rick House

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Conway Police

Conway Central Fire

Conway Medical

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About Us

Who We Are


 Smoke-Out Hunger 2019 is the Prodigy of Hatchlings Chicken Ranch, which is a Non-Profit Organization. The Beliefs of Hatchlings Chicken Ranch is that, No One Person Should Worry Where Their Next Meal Is Coming From. 

 This is the reason the Smoke-Out Hunger 2019 Celebration was Formed along with our ground foundation built, Call to Action, Chicken For The Homeless

Paying It Forward at It's Best.



What We Do


 We Pay-It-Forward by means of Feeding the Masses from, Hunger to the Poor to the Homeless

 We raise Cobb500 Cornish Meat Birds and Process them here at the Ranch to be Distributed among the Disadvantaged Community.

 No One is ever turned away and all is welcomed. 

 Smoke-Out Hunger 2019 is our very 1st Annual Event that will Celebrate this Community with a Pay-It-Forward Project. 


How We Help


 Call To Action For The Masses
 Smoke-Out Hunger 2019 is our first Annual Event Celebrating, Feeding the Masses of Hunger and Homeless.
 This Event will be held on July 20th 2019 at the Fairgrounds and Expo  Center, Conway Ar. Not only will we hope to feed 2000+ People, The whole  day is filled with celebration. Carnival Rides, Carnival Games, Live  Music to Fireworks that night and many other activities to be announced.

 This all started as a Vision and now has become a reality in serving the Unfortunate.
 Give a Man a Fish and He Will Eat for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish and He Will Eat for Life.
 The Battle against Hunger is Real.

 So as part of this Battle We are Feeding the Masses of Hunger and The Homeless with the, Smoke-Out Hunger 2019 Celebration.
  When you Donate to this Event, 100% of the Donations go to Making this  Event Happen. No matter how much of a donation you give, Small or Big,  every Single Dollar Given to support this Event Comes back 10 fold.

  No amount of a donation is too small or too large. They all make a  difference in the lives of someone that is Homeless and Hungry.
Charitable giving is such a powerful expression of caring.
May God bless you for your support of, Smoke-Out Hunger 2019

  All this is brought to you in part with, Chicken For The Homeless,  Hatchlings Chicken Ranch and all our Supporters and Sponsors from the  local area.

 Now comes your part.
 Stand and help us make a difference in a life of Someone that was placed into a position that they never thought would happen.
 Down on Hard Times.

  Everyone of us has been there one time or another and by The Grace Of  God and a Kind, Helping Hand from a Stranger, has made it out.
 Some people are just not as fortunate to have that oppurtunity.
 But with your helping hand and the Smoke-Out Hunger 2019 Celebration, they can have that day to call theirs.

 Paying it Forward, at its best! 





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There are so many ways to support our mission. Contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and ways to get our message to your community.

Smoke-Out Hunger 2019

37 Jacson Rd. Holland Ar. 72173

(501) 796-1083

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